Corke T.C. Nagib H.M.
Bibliographic info:
J.Ind. Aerodynam. vol 5. nos 1,2, p159-177 #DATE 01:10:1979 in English

Describes how a family of simulated neutral atmospheric surface layers was used to determine the response of the wind loads on a building model, as well as the associated flowfield near it, to variations in the characteristics of these 'test boundary layers'. Results include the variation in the size of the horse- shoe vortex at the base of the building, spectra of pressure fluctuations, and documented variations in the wake Strouhal frequency with changing boundary layer characteristics. Presents distribution on windward face of the building of mean and fluctuating pressure coefficients using different normalizations in an attempt to reach definitions which lead to universal results for a full range of simulated atmospheric conditions.