Furbringer J M, Compagnon R, Roulet C A, Gadilhe A
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10th AIVC Conference "Progress and trends in air infiltration and ventilation research" Espoo, Finland, 25-28 September 1989

In order to be validated, the computer programs simulating the air flows in multizone buildings need several measured data sets to be compared with. Such a set was measured on the LESO, a mid-sized administrative building. This set contains: a) The permeability coefficients (C,n) of the building obtained by guarded zone pressurization b) Pressure coefficients Cp measured in windtunnel and on the real building c) Tracer gas air flows measurements d) Corresponding weather data for two periods of 10 days on the non inhabited building. This set is being used to validate some multi-zone air infiltration programs using permeability values and weather data as input data and comparing the tracer gas measurements with the output data. An overview on this procedure used on an example will be presented and commented. Guidelines for the use of the data set will also be given.