Elmroth, A.
Bibliographic info:
Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm document D10; 33p 3 refs ISBN: 91-540-2871-X.= Proceedings I.E.A. Seminar on R. &.D. on Infiltration in Buildings, Paris, April 3-7, 1978

Discusses reasons for making buildings air-tight and the requirements of the swedish building code. Gives examples of design solutions for detached houses and construction details for applying an internal vapour barrier consisting of a polythene sheet. Describes application to seven bungalows, resulting in air change per hour of 0.67 to 0.86. Subsequent measurements of ventilation and air velocity showed that in mechanically ventilated airtight houses the flow of ventilation air can be accurately controlled by the exhaust fan. Measurements of total energy consumption of house showed that improvement of thermalinsulation and airtightness gave annual energy savings of about 8-10,000 k w h.