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Wall relative humidity: a simple and reliable index for predicting Stachybotrys chartarum infestation in dwellings

S. Boutin-Forzano, C. Charpin-Kadouch, S. Chabbi, N. Bennedjai, H. Dumon, D. Charpin, 2004
health | measurement | residential building | pollutant
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air 2004, Vol 14, n° 3, pp 196-199, 2 Fig., 3 Tab., 19 Ref.
Languages: English

The aim of that study was to compare measurements of wall relative humidity (RH) to mold identification in 458 samples from 100 dwellings. The mold identification was made by a direct microcospic examination of a sample collected on the wall by means of the gummed paper technique. The conclusion of that study was that a simple measurement of wall RH is a reliable index for suspecting S. Chartarum infestation in a dwelling.

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