Barbat M., Feldmann C.
Languages: English, French | Pages: 6 pp
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AIVC VIP 34, 2010, 6 pp

Air supplied by ventilation plants and air conditioning systems carries small particles whose size depends on filtration device efficiency.

Mineral, vegetal or biological particles may deposit on the inner surface of air ducts and other air conditioning equipment creating a thin layer of dust. Such dust deposit may deteriorate the quality of the air flow blown into the rooms through the booths and consequently the global indoor air quality in the building.

Elsewhere dust deposits may reduce performances of the ventilation plant. Air duct cleaning is therefore an essential need to maintain the ventilation system in a good healthy.

In France only a few building owners are aware that HVAC installations cleaning is a real need and there is no clear regulation in force to compel them to do it. However HVAC plants cleaning is a growing activity since the beginning of the second millennium.
Basic professional rules have been developed by COSTIC and the French Association of ductwork cleaners (GHR). COSTIC is a research and training centre for HVAC – construction technology and equipment.

This paper presents the main principles and methodologies on which these rules are based.

Original title:
Besoins et méthodes de nettoyage des conduits d'air en France