Irie T, Yoshizawa S, Ikeda K, et al.
Bibliographic info:
Ventilation '85. (Chemical Engineering Monographs 24). Edited by H D Goodfellow. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1986. p359-367. 5 figs, 5 tabs, 8 refs.

In order to reconsider the ventilation requirment in office environment and air environmental indices to determine it, field measurements were carried out. The amounts of outdoor air taken into air conditioning system were controlled in three levels and the concentrations of various indoor airpollutants were measured. It was found conclusively that 30 cubic meters per hour per person of intentionally introduced outdoor air was appropriate for ventilation requirement for offices and carbon dioxide was also appropriate as an index. As for the air distributions in building the phenomena concerning infiltration and exfiltration are hard to describe except for such a case likeone closed air conditioning system, we have to give more careful considerations.