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26th AIVC Conference "Ventilation in relation to the energy performance of buildings", Brussels, Belgium, 21-23 September 2005

The 26th AIVC Annual Conference took place in Belgium at the Hotel Husa President Park, located in Brussels. Some 250 participants from 27 different countries attended the conference, which spanned three days and consisted of more than 100 paper and poster presentations. It focused on ventilation in relation to the energy performance of buildings.
With the exception of the opening and closing session, there were the whole time 2 parallel tracks. The first track of the conference dealt with typical ventilation topics whereby 2 sessions focused on whole heat, air and moisture transfer in buildings. The second track focused on the topic of energy performance regulations in buildings and in particular the implementation of the European Energy Perf ormance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).
Summaries of the different sessions of the conference may be found in this report.