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Ventilation Ductwork Systems Certification for a Better Air Tightness

Marie-Clémence Briffaud, 2018
Ductwork system | air tightness class | energy efficiency | indoor air quality
Bibliographic info: 39th AIVC Conference "Smart Ventilation for Buildings", Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, 18-19 September 2018
Languages: English Pages (count): 7

The implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU recast puts increasing pressure to achieve better building and ductwork airtightness.  

In this context, Eurovent Certita Certification decided to establish a new certification programme for Ventilation Ductwork Systems, opening a new chapter in the history of the Eurovent Certified Performance (ECP) certification mark, which concerned only products, not systems, until then.  

To meet this challenge, Eurovent Certita Certification worked for one year with a dedicated committee gathering six major European manufacturers of ventilation ducts and fittings. The development of the programme also involved consultation of European testing laboratories. The resulting requirements and rules defined for the DUCT programme rely on Ventilation ductwork system (typical setup) testing and production sites auditing. 

The scope of the programme covers rigid and semi-rigid ventilation ductwork systems divided into the following sub-programmes: 

  • Rigid metallic ductwork systems with circular cross-section (DUCT-MC);

  • Rigid metallic ductwork systems with rectangular cross-section (DUCT-MR);

  • Semi-rigid non-metallic ductwork systems predominantly made of plastics (DUCT-P);

Among other verifications, the performance testing on typical set-ups enables to validate the airtightness class declared by the manufacturer. The production site auditing enables to verify the manufacturing process steadiness. These two verifications combined ensure that the air tightness class claimed by the manufacturer can indeed be reached in practice. 

The first certification of ventilation ductwork systems was granted by Eurovent Certita Certification in December 2017 as a new step towards good airtightness levels in buildings, contributing to the pursuit of nearly zero-energy buildings and improving indoor air quality.  

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