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Transient analysis of the thermal and moisture conditions in wall constructions with additional thermal insulation

Kohonen R, 1984
wood frame | wall | heat transfer | insulation | mathematical modelling | moisture
Bibliographic info: Third International Conference on the Durability of Building Materials and Components, Vol 1, Espoo, Finland, 12-15 August 1984. VTT Symposium 48. p402-415.
Languages: English

A transient simulation method TRATMO with applications to the analysis of the hygrothermal behaviour of timber frame constructions with additional thermal insulation is discussed. This method makes it possible to evaluate the hygrothermal behaviour with respect to risks of mouldering since it gives simultaneous information on moisture content and temperature at certain sections of the construction. Based on the computer simulations and experiments a number of practical aspects to be considered in additional thermal insulation of timber frame constructions are introduced.

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