Carolyn Allen
Languages: English | Pages: 31 pp
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AIVC Technical Note 8, 1981, 31 pp

One of the aims of the Air lnfiltration Centre is to encourage the collection and dissemination of air infiltration data arising from programmes of research and experimental investigation. This task can be made much easier and more effective if the relevant test information and results are presented in a comprehensive and uniform manner.

This standardised reporting format has been produced to provide a common method for research workers to set out their experimental data, so making the information easy to extract for subsequent analysis or mathematical model development.

The structure of the format is purposely rather loose, to cater for the differing interests of the various investigators who will be using it. It has been made as comprehensive as possible but should not be regarded as exclusive. Correspondingly, the user should not feel impelled to fill in all the sections; however, if the results are entered in the order given, it immediately becomes apparent which items of information are present and which absent.

The format may be used directly for entering results and should also serve as a useful checklist to aid those who are initiating projects.

Sections cover:

  • general information
  • test site description, including
    • geographic information
    • climatic data
    • building description (leakage paths, heating and ventilation systems, etc.)
  • building function, including occupancy, etc.
  • measurement procedures and results, including
    • pressure tests
    • surface pressu re measu rements
    • internal and external conditions, weather, etc.
    • infiltration
  • numerical models
  • economic factors
  • general remarks

The contents of each section are printed on the right-hand pages of the report and are accompanied by explanatory notes on the left-hand pages. Points relevant to the use of various methods are raĆ­sed in the notes. Also included are details of minimum standards of measurement where these have been indicated by past experience or future requirements.

An example of the format is included as an appendix.

The AIC will be pleased to receive copies of the completed formats for inclusion in the Centre's numerical database. An up-to-date record of the contents of this database is maintained and copies of the data are available through the nominated organisations in the participating countries.