Limb M.J.
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AIVC Technical Note 36, 1992, 47 pp

The glossary provides the definition of 250 terms related to air infiltration and ventilation. The intention of the document is to promote a more uniform use of terms in the area of ventilation.
The Glossary consists of main terms with definitions followed by any subsidiary terms. The main terms are in alphabetic order.
The basic entry has the following format:
Minimum Ventilation Requirement
The minimum quantity of outdoor or conditioned air entering a building, which is needed to maintain acceptable indoor air quality (See Acceptable Air Quality)
Subsidiary terms are bracketed and appear below the definition in italics, as in the example above. Definitions for these subsidiary terms are given in their alphabetically correct place.
Acceptable Air Quality
Air in which there are no known contaminants at harmful concentrations as determined by specialist authorities and with a substantial majority (80% or more) of the people exposed do not express dissatisfaction. (ASHRAE 62-1989).