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Thermography. Testing of the thermal insulation and airtightness of buildings.

Petterson B. Axen B., 1980
air leakage | thermography | insulation
Bibliographic info: Swedish Council for Building Research D5.
Languages: English

Discusses in general terms energy consumption and energy requirements and the testing and checking of buildings. Gives principles of thermography and discusses the influence of various parameters on the thermography of buildings. Gives rules for interpretation of thermograms and use of comparative thermograms. Gives examples of comparative thermograms for common defects in insulation and airtightness, and actual cases where certain constructions and components were examined. Shows effectiveness of improvements made to remedy certain types of defects in insulation and air tightness. Reports results of a general survey to find systematic defects in insulation and airtightness. Recommends preparations to be made before measurement and indicates a suitable procedure for the thermography of buildings. Gives a brief history of the application of thermography to buildings.

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