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Thermography in detection of air leakages and thermal insulation defects in the building envelope. Infrapunakuvaus rakennuksen ulkovaipan lammoneristysvirheiden ja ilmavuotojen maarittamisessa.

Viljanen M., 1981
air leakage | air tightness | buildings | thermography
Bibliographic info: Report 13/1981, Technical Research Centre, Finland.
Languages: Finnish

The first part of the study describes thermography generally as a method for non-destructive testing of a building envelope for thermal and air tightness properties. The study has resulted in a two stage testing method of which pressurizing is an essential part. The field study has shown that thetwo-stage method is suitable in detection of air leakages, showing that the major part of thermal defects in the building envelope are due to air leakages.

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