Feustel H.
Bibliographic info:
Fortschritt-Berichte der VDI Zeitschriften, Reihe 6:Energietechnik Warmetechnik, No 151. Dusseldorf:VDI Verlag,1984. 281pp, 156 diags, 50 tabs, 122 refs. #DATE 00:00:1984 in German

Using meteorological and physical data, a model simulating pressure and air mass flow distribution in buildings was produced using the method of non-linear networks. It was used to study wind and buoyancy effects on mechanically ventilated buildings. Calculations were made for a naturally ventilated high rise building for varying permeability distributions and air flow resistances of the building envelope, using data from real buildings and from previous cases described in the literature. For mechanically ventilated buildings, the effects of the ventilation system were also taken into account,including positioning of ventilators and grilles, resistance dispersion of the duct network, etc. A hospital was used as an example. The method was extended for determination of the annual heating allowance for ventilation.