T. Ackermann
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2nd European Blower Door Symposium, March 2007

So that a building meets its requirements regarding stability, energy conservation andhygiene, it is not only necessary, that the airtightness layer is really airtight in its planaryformation, but also that functionality is given within the range of plate or track joints as wellas with connections and completions.With the available contribution new realizations are to be represented regarding thedurability of adhesives and tapes to different adjacent construction units and with coursetransitions of airtightness layers. Since the suitability of these connections should extendon the life span of a construction unit, in addition the adhesive strength of the connectingdevices with consideration to different methods of the artificial aging of the used materialswas examined. In addition the results of a newly-developed testing method are presented,which is to be geaered to reality. The available investigations were accomplished at thescientific institut for thermic protection (Forschungsinstitut fr Wrmeschutz, FIW) in Munich.