Loong H T, Wang M J, Shyu R J
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20th AIVC and Indoor Air 99 Conference "Ventilation and indoor air quality in buildings", Edinburgh, Scotland, 9-13 August 1999

Isolation rooms for Tuberculosis in fifteen hospitals have been surveyed and measured in twophases. In phase 1 the isolation rooms in seven hospitals were checked ater the hospitalsrenovation construction had been finished. However in phase 2 all the design drawings of theair-conditioning and ventilation/exhaust system of isolation rooms in eight other hospitalswere checked and revised by ERLs engineer before starting construction. The survey itemsinclude ventilation rate ' static pressure ' temperature and humidity. All the measuring datawere checked in order to understand whether or not the performance of the air-conditioningand ventilation/exhaust system of isolation rooms for Tuberculosis meet the recommendationsof ASHRAE.The survey results of all hospitals are illustrated in this paper in more detail. And we draw avery important conclusion that the design drawings of the air-conditioning andventilation/exhaust system of isolation rooms should be checked and revised by qualifiedengineers before starting renovation construction.