Peng X, Gu W, Li H
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Hong Kong, City University, Division of Building Science and Technology, 2001, proceedings of IAQVEC 2001, "Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings: Fourth International Conference", held Changsha, Hunan, China, 2-5 October, 2

In accordance with the regular and irregular variation principle of high-rise building wind pressure with the variation of time, wind direction proposed in associated reference and high-rise building around flow aerodynamic characteristic. An analysis is made about the characteristic and range in which wind pressure on high-rise building changes largely with coming flow, time and wind direction in the paper. On this base, this paper points out that building heat load and air infiltration rate is unstable and has large fluctuation in certain period. So it is difficult to control indoor temperature, humidity and turbulivity, and this affects indoor thermal comfort directly. In addition, the technical measures and methods are brought forward in this paper to overcome the fluctuation of indoor air properties caused by pulsation of high-rise building wind pressure.