Hagström K, Sandberg E, Koskela H, Hautalampi T
Bibliographic info:
UK, Oxford, Elsevier, 2000, proceedings of Roomvent 2000, "Air Distribution in Rooms: Ventilation for Health and Sustainable Environment", held 9-12 July 2000, Reading, UK, pp 855-874

This paper discusses the application of a new strategy approach for the room air conditioning. The basis of the classification is different aims or ideas of the temperature, gas, particle, humidity distributions and room air flow patterns that can be created within a room. A certain strategy can be applied by using different system combinations of room air distribution, exhaust, heating and cooling methods and their control. The realization of an ideal strategy is also dependent on the operating parameters and internal sources. Separating the ideal strategies from the practical room air conditioning solutions will help the evaluation of the present room air distribution methods in different operating conditions. The differences of the strategies are demonstrated in the examples.