Afanas'ev M.K. Krisyuk E.M.
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Hygiene and Sanitation vol.32 no.10-12 p.387-392.

Discusses mechanisms for radon liberation in dwellings. Mentions survey which found radon concentrations exceeding the maximum permissable concentration of 3 x 10^-12 curies in 13 of the 65 dwellings. Gives expressions for number of radon atoms in indoor air at time t and activity due to radon per unit volume. Discusses liberation of radon from walls and from soil and concludes that if the ventilation is poor or if there is a high emanation of radon, the indoor radon concentration may approach the maximum permissable level. This can happen even in houses constructed of materials with a low content of radioactive substances if there is a poor barrier against radon from the soil.