van der Voorden M, van Paassen A H C, Hordlijk G, Pel-Hoogendoorn M
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in: PLEA '99 "Sustaining the Future - Energy, Ecology, Architecture", proceedings of a conference held Brisbane, Australia, September 22-24, 1999, edited by Steven V Szokolay

The wish to improve the energy performance of a building as well as to improve indoor climate can be mentioned as one of the main driving forces behind the introduction of so called 'double facades'. Various types of double facades can be distinguished; the number of possible double facade variants is large. This raises the question in what way the performance of double facades can be predicted during the design process and how well-considered design decisions can be made. To answer this question the faculties of Architecture and Mechanical Engineering of Delft University of Technology have started a joint research project aiming at development of global but reliable computational tools, which can be used during the design process.