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Sick building syndrome

Pickering A C., 1984
air conditioning | air quality | ventilation | health | natural ventilation | office | pollution
Bibliographic info: Indoor Air, Vol.3, Sensory and Hyperreactivity Reactions to Sick Buildings. edited by B.Berglund, T.Lindvall, J.Sundell. Swedish Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1984. 321-325, 3 tabs, 2 refs, #DATE 00:00:1984 inEnglish AIC bk
Languages: English

Random samples of the workforces of an air conditioned and naturally ventilated building were interviewed using a doctor administered questionnaire. Large and statistically significant excesses of work-related nasal symptoms, irritation of the eyes, dry throat, headache, dry skin andlethargy were detected in the air conditioned building compared to the naturally ventilated building. In the air conditioned building, over 36% of those interviewed were suffering from a single symptom and few workers were symptom free.

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