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The SBS symptoms and environmental perceptions of office workers in the Tropics at two air temperatures and two ventilation rates

K.W. Tham, H.C. Willem, S.C. Sekhar, D.P. Wyon, P. Wargocki, P.O. Fanger, 2003
thermal comfort | hot climate | office building | sick building syndrome
Bibliographic info: Healthy Buildings 2003 - Proceedings 7th International Conference (7th-11th December 2003) - National University of Singapore - Vol. 3, pp 182-187, 5 Fig., 1 Tab., 14 Ref.
Languages: English

A blind intervention study in which air temperature and the outside air supply rate were changed in a 2 × 2 design was carried out in a call centre in Singapore. The reported intensity of headache and difficulty in concentrating were reduced by 19.5% (P

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