Li Y., Sandberg M., Hui S.
Bibliographic info:
The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 3 N°2, September 2004, pp 105-118, 10 Fig., 5 Tab., 30 Ref.

This paper introduces a concept of robustness of an air distribution method, which is defined as being capable of meeting the ventilation requirements during varying operational conditions. The robustness performance may be particularly important when the system allows individual control of the supply air parameters. As a preliminary example, plenum-based (ductless) air distribution methods are studied using computational fluid dynamics. Among the four basic air distribution methods in plenum-based systems, it is found that the floor supply and ceiling return system does not always produce the conventional displacement ventilation system performance when the heat sources are not concentrated. The ceiling supply with ceiling return produces the best robustness performance over a wide range of supply velocities.