Szydlowski R F, Schliesing J S
Bibliographic info:
in: Strategic Planning for energy and the Environment, pp 36-56, 3 figs, 4 tabs, 2 refs.

Gives two examples at an air force base of poor maintenance of equipment. In the first study a comprehensive base-wide steam trap maintenance program is described. In the second a measured evaluation from a typical office building is described. The aim in both was to assess the importance of proper operations and maintenance, aiming in turn to provide more efficient building HVAC operation, provide improved services to the building occupants, and reduce energy consumption and unscheduled equipment repair/replacement. States that implementation of a comprehensive O&M program will result in a 15% to 25% energy saving. The O&M basis ensures that other energy conservation activities such as demand side management or energy management and control systems achieve and maintain their expected energy savings.