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A review of European standards related to measurement at air terminal devices

Carl Welinder, 2018
Air flow measurement methods | European standard | EN16211:2015 | EN 12599:2012
Bibliographic info: 39th AIVC Conference "Smart Ventilation for Buildings", Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, 18-19 September 2018
Languages: English Pages (count): 5

Two European standards EN 16211:2015 and EN 12599:2012 describe measurement methods for air flow. 

The methods can be used at supply or exhaust air terminal devices, ATDs, or in ducts. 

Both standards include the methods air flow hoods, bag and reference pressure method. EN 12599 presents a compensation method with a test chamber and the effective area, Ak-method. EN 16211 also includes two types of air flow hood compensation methods. 

In addition to air terminal measurements, the standards also present in duct measurement methods. The methods and some conditions of use are presented. 

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