Hartmann P., Baumgartner T., Muhlebach H.
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EMPA 2nd Swiss Status Seminar on Thermal Insulation Research in Buildings Dubendorf October 1982 p.365-377

Provides results of research in Switzerland into window ventilation in typical rented dwellings as a function of outdoor climate, and the research support activities of the Air Infiltration Centre in the UK funded by the International Energy Agency. Describes in particular the creation of an air infiltration database, the comparison and validation of computer models of air infiltration, the development of a reporting format for measurement of air change in buildings, and the compilation of a glossary of technical terms. Gives the example of a calculation method developed by the AIC in conjunction with EMPA for the Maugwil single family house. Outlines future research into heat recovery from exhaust air and controlled reduction of air change rates to an acceptable minimum value.