Nazaroff W W, Feustel H, Nero A V, et al.
Bibliographic info:
Atmospheric Environment, 1985, Vol 19, No 1, p31-46. 8 figs, 5 tabs, 30 refs.

Describes a five month study which measured radon concentration, air exchange (ventilation) rate, weather and radon source parameters in a house near Chicago. Factors influencing radon entry rate were investigated. Discusses the measurements presented, noting some patterns in the data which are hard to explain. Applies two models for radon entry rate to high and low airborne alpha activity at the sump. Examines the flow component and diffusive component noting the dominance of the flow component, which would be flow along the basement walls or flow through the bulk of the soil adjacent to the basement. Pressure driven flow is considered to be an important mechanism for radon entry.