Hans Ananiassen
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10th International BUILDAIR Symposium, March 31/ April 1, 2017, Hannover, Germany

Purpose of the work

To expand the use of BlowerDoor and thermal equipment combined with Radon

Method of approach

When building is set on very low negative pressure, use the Radon sniff-equipment called RAD7 to count radon at places where thermal imaging camera tell there is draft that can be assumed tob e leaks from the ground. If the found leakages are from the ground it often show higher level of Thoron, Radon and Polonium values, than the measurements elsewhere in the room.


Controlled pressure by BlowerDoor and thermal imaging is perfect collaborators for the search of a gas that has no smell, no taste, no colour. Pinpointing places to prove whether there is radonflow or not, from lower grounds, instead of doing sniff-measuring on the blind.

The science

Mr. Bernard Collignan together with other scientists have made very fine scientific articles in Elsevier of methods to assess the annual average concentration. I suggest these interesting articles for reading.

Ref. to: Elsevier / CSTB Health and Comfort dep., 24 rue Joseph Fourier, 38400 Saint-Martin d’Heres, France, bernard.collignan@cstb.fr


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