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Radon daughters in mine atmospheres - field method for determining concentrations.

Kusnetz H.L., 1956
instrumentation | radon daughter
Bibliographic info: Amer.Ind.Hyg.Assoc.Quarterly 1956 vol.17 p.85-88
Languages: English

Presents a new concept of describing the tolerance level of radon daughters. This concept is in terms of the alpha-energy dose resulting from the complete decay of the daughters. Describes a rapid field method for determining atmospheric concentrations of radon daughters in terms of Mev of alpha energy/liter. No attempt has been made to set a maximum allowable concentration for radon and/or its daughters. Should an M.A.C. different from the tolerance level given in this paper be adopted, the factors for determining concentration would be changed by an appropriate constant but themethod itself would remain the same.

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