Søren Peper, Wolfgang Hasper
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12th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 25-26 June 2021

Content of the contribution
When measuring zero pressure for high-rises according to the ISO 9972 standard, it is normally not possible to meet its requirements where the absolute values Δp + and Δp- have to be kept at <5 Pa before and after the measurement. This presentation puts forward a proposal for a zero pressure measurement method that complements this standard and the guideline "Airtightness measurement of high-rise buildings" (see the presentation for BuildAir 2019 Peper / Schnieders).
The evaluation of numerous zero pressure measurements of high-rise buildings (source: Steffi Rolfsmeier and PHI) shows that the requirement to report positive / negative values and to cap the amount at 5 Pa can still be met if you refer to the deviation from the respective mean value instead of to absolute zero. I will present this evaluation and the procedure that complements applicable technical standards.

For further information please contact Søren Peper at: soeren.peper@passiv.de