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A priority agenda for energy-related indoor environmental quality research

Fisk, W.J., Brager, G., Brook, M., Burge, H., Cole, J., Cummings, J., Levin, H., Loftness, V., Logee, T., Mendell, M.J., Persily, A., Taylor, S., Zhang, J., 2002
IEQ research agenda | priorities | energy
Bibliographic info: LBNL - Proceedings of the Indoor Air 2002 Conference, Monterey, CA, Volume 2, Pages 984-989.
Languages: English

A multidisciplinary team of IEQ and energy researchers is working together to define a program of priority energy-related IEQ research. This paper describes the methods employed, ten high priority broad research and development (R&D) goals, and 34 high priority R&D project areas linked to these goals.

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