Romuald Jobert, Andrés Litvak, Gaëlle Guyot, Laurent Deleersnyder
Languages: English | Pages: 6 pp
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39th AIVC Conference "Smart Ventilation for Buildings", Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, 18-19 September 2018

Indoor environment and indoor air quality (IAQ) are considered as subjects of major concern: as we build more and more energy efficient and airtight buildings, the conflicting issues of energy efficiency, adverse health effects and discomfort become more relevant. Significant rates of malfunctions of ventilation systems are still observed among new constructions. They are caused by technical reasons (poor design, inappropriate choices of equipment, poor installation, inappropriate use, poor maintenance) and by organisational issues due to the multiple interactions between professions during the construction phase.  

In the face of this issue, in 2016, the French ministry in charge of construction decided to invite all major actors of the ventilation field to join a working group called “Club Ventilation”. The aim of this group is to identify the main pitfalls, to propose major projects and to prefigure future labels and regulations. The 45 participants include building manufacturers, building managers, craftsmen, building companies, label and certification, and ventilation manufacturers representatives but also specialists of the ventilation field including training organisations, public agencies, engineering consultants. 

In order to prevent degradation of the IAQ and the building itself, specialists agree on the need to improve the knowledge and the know-how of professionals by providing them with training resources and accompaniment tools.  

We present two on-going multi-partner projects that aim at developing such resources for French professionals on IAQ and ventilation, namely : 

  • the development of a massive open online course (MOOC), by Cerema and Platform Tipee, under the initiative of ADEME 
  • the development of a resources centre internet platform, by Cerema and CETIAT, with a serious game developed by ACA-O, with Cerema, under the initiative of the French Ministry for construction (DHUP). 

Both projects will be released by the end of 2018. They are accompanied by the PACTE Program (Programme of Action for the quality of the Construction and the energy Transition), that was launched in 2015 by the French public authorities with the ambitious goal to accompany the necessary skill development of the professionals of the building sector in the field of energy efficiency, and this, in order to enhance the quality in construction and reduce the loss ratio.