Auxier J.A. Shinpaugh W.H. Kerr G.D. Christian D.J.
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Health Physics vol.24 no.4 p.390-392

Reports study of emanation of radon from concrete blocks enriched with uranium ore, placed in an airtight enclosure. The radioactivity of air samples was determined using a high resolution silicon diode detector system. Finds a negligible temperature effect on the emanation of radon between 23 c and 43 cand a relatively strong dependence on the moisture content of the concrete.< In studies on the effect of sealants finds no alteration in emanation from blocks stuccoed with cement plaster or coated with asphalt but a reduction in the concentration of radon daughters in the air of the enclosure and an increase in gamma-ray emission for radon daughters in the concrete from stuccoed blocks coated heavily with epoxy paint.