Weihui Liang, Xudong Yang, Fengna Chen, Mengqiang Lv, Shen Yang
Bibliographic info:
Procedia Engineering Volume 205, 2017, Pages 219-225

This study introduced a pre-assessment and control tool for indoor air quality (PACT-IAQ) which aimed at multiple pollutant concentrations simulations, pollutant loads estimations and decoration design scheme optimization. Multiple emission sources, sinks, ventilation, pollutant dissemination, and the combined effects of temperature and humidity on material emissions were considered in the tool. Two versions, namely the single zone and multi-zone models, were included in the tool. Emission database of building material was developed to ensure the engineering application of this simulation tool. The simulation tool was applied to an office building and field measurements were performed after the completion of building construction. Comparison results between simulation and measurement data showed the acceptable accuracy of it. The PACT-IAQ has promising application in indoor pollutant control.