Hyusan Jang, Seongjun Park, Shinhye Lee, Hyunsoo Kim, Seungkil Son, Dong Hwa Kang, Donghyun Rim, Myoung Souk Yeo
Languages: English | Pages: 8 pp
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41st AIVC/ASHRAE IAQ- 9th TightVent - 7th venticool Conference - Athens, Greece - 4-6 May 2022

The purpose of this study is to compare capture efficiencies of cooker/range hood (CEs) under various conditions to verify that there can exist a difference between a CE by applying a pressure difference across the building envelope made in a real environment of residence, and the CE of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard. This experiment was conducted in the field and in a laboratory. We developed grounds of conditions of pressure difference via field measurements and then estimated the CEs by applying the conditions in a laboratory experiment. Through the experiment, we verified that the CE based on the actual environments was outside the range of the CE of the ASTM standard to some extent under the condition of specific pressure differences.