Heber A J, Peugh M W, Zimmerman N J, Linton R H
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Preprint ASHRAE Transactions vol.108 no.2 2002 (USA) - paper presented at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting, Honolulu, June 2002 - 16 pp, 12 figs, 7 refs, 1 tab

Ventilation airflow rates and internal air distribution were measured in four poultry slaughter plants (250 to 775 workers), equipped with negative pressure ventilation systems (exhaust flow rate from 7.1 to 27.4 m3/s - no air intakes - supply air entering through various openings). Results lead the authors to recommend the installation of diffusers for makeup air supply, changes in the organisation of rooms to avoid contamination of one by the other and regular maintenance and cleaning of ventilation components.