X.M. Chang, X.H. Liu, Y. Jiang
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Building Simulation, 2007, Beijing, China

In the internally-cooled liquid desiccant dehumidifier (ICLDD), cooling medium is introduced to carry away the vaporization latent heat, which enhances effectiveness of heat and mass transfer process between liquid desiccant and air. Numerical method is adopted in this paper to analyze the performance of ICLDD. Theoretical model of heat and mass transfer process is established and verified by available experimental results. The field-distributions and outlet parameters of three fluids (air, solution, water) in the dehumidifier are then emphatically analyzed to evaluate performance of the dehumidifier. The  comparison between adiabatic dehumidifier and internally-cooled one is conducted, and it is found that the moisture removal rate in internally-cooled dehumidifier is 20% higher than the adiabatic one at the same operating condition.