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Ocular, airway, and dermal symptoms related to building dampness and odors in dwellings

Engvall K, Norrby C, Norback D, 2002
humidity | questionnaire | residential building | sick building syndrome
Bibliographic info: Archives of Environmental Health, 2002 Jul-Aug ; 57(4) , pp 304-310
Languages: English

The aim of that study is to establish the relationship between symptoms and report of building dampness and odors.A questionnaire was then sent to the inhabitants of 231 multi-family buildings of Stockholm, containing more than 4800 dwellings, with questions about : personal factors, symptoms, population density in the apartment, water leakage, odors, and signs of high indoor air humidity.A combination of odor and high humidities was linked to high occurrence of the symptoms : humidity in building is therefore associated to Sick building Syndrome.

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