Lorimy N, Vezin C.
Bibliographic info:
Zurich, Switzerland: Ecole Polytechnique Federale, HBF, Institut de recherche en matiere de batiment, 1984. 302pp and Bibliography 82pp. #DATE 00:03:1984 in French

Discusses reasons behind occupant ventilating behaviour, such as: 1. general attitudes, particularly regarding energy, 2. occupant requirements, 3. components of the habitat micro-climate, 4. optimum micro-climate and desired micro-climate, 5. means available in the habitat to modify the micro-climate - a. general means, b. ventilation as a specific means, 6. balancing requirements against means, 7. occupant behaviour as a function of requirements/micro-climate/means, interpretation of the resulting behaviour, taking into account social attitudes, and comparison of the results with observed behaviour, and 8. recommendations for improving occupant energy use in buildings, with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages.