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Numerical simulation on the cooling effects of solar chimney by natural ventilation for a school building.

Cho S-W, Kimura K-I, 2000
computational fluid dynamics | cooling | school
Bibliographic info: Architecture, City, Environment: Proceedings of PLEA 2000, James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd, London, UK, 2000, ISBN 1 902916 16 6, proceedings of the Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference, held Cambridge, UK, July 2000, pp 324-325.
Languages: English

The results of numerical simulation on the effects of solar chimney for ventilation in the new building of Faculty of International Environmental Engineering Kitakyushu University, Japan are described. The air velocity and pressure within the solar chimney were estimated by simplified methods and CFD calculation and both results agreed quite well. It was found that the air flow rates would depend on the inside wall temperatures and section ratio of solar chimney with the same section area. The ratio of the entrance area to the solar chimney from interiors to the exit area and the ratio of solar chimney section area to the entrance area by CFD simulations in summer are presented.

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