True JPJ, Heiselberg P, Nielsen PV
Bibliographic info:
Proceedings of Room Vent 2002 (8th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms) - 8-11 september 2002 - Moltke's palace, Copenhagen - Denmark - pp 537-540, 9 Fig., 3 ref.

A large opening has first been defined as "an opening where the flow is not fully unidirectional". Then an experimental setup has been installed to conduct wind tunnel measurements on several models of a circular disk, in order to characterize the pressure distribution on simple objects provided both with and without openings.
In the numerical analysis, the CFD code Fluent 5.4. was used for all predictions. All cases have been simulated with 2 turbulence models but the results proved more satisfactory with the predictions using a Reynolds stress model , they were almost identical to the measurements.