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Novel Natural ventilation in a multiple storey office building: The UCL SSEES Building, Bloomsbury, London

Woods A.W., Short A., Gladstone L., 2004
model | natural ventilation | office building
Bibliographic info: RoomVent 2004, 9th international conference in University of Coimbra - Portugal, 5-8th september 2004, pp 4, 8 Fig., 2 Ref.
Languages: English

We describe the results of simple modelling and some laboratory experiments of the natural ventilation flows which can develop in an office building when air is supplied from a central atrium, passes through the floor-space of the building, and then vents through stacks at the perimeter of the building. We explore the flow in summer when pre-cooled air is supplied at the top of the atrium, in spring-autumn, when pre-cooling may not be required, and in winter when air is supplied from the base of the atrium, illustrating how such a dynamic design can extend the seasonal window for which natural ventilation is effective.

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