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Norwegian test methods for wind and rain penetration through windows

Svendson S.D. Wigen R., 1958
air leakage | window
Bibliographic info: Norwegian Building Research Institute reprint no 39
Languages: English

Part of an extensive research programme being carried out also in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Describes 75 window tests and gives diagrams of air flow and rain penetration apparatus. Proposes tentative evaluation curves for air penetration of windows of a stringent kind suitable for a severe climate. For air pressure of 30-40 mm of water, an 'acceptable' air flow is about 30 m.m. per hour per test window, with 'good' at about 20 and 'excellent' about 11. The curves are shown graphically. weak points of the windows tested as regards draughts were corners of the sash-frame joint hinges of pivoted windows and locking devices.

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