Setareh Janbakhsh, Bahram Moshfegh, Shahriar Ghahremanian
Bibliographic info:
The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol. 9 N°1, June 2010

The results of this investigation revealed the airflow distribution from a new design of supply diffuser under non-isothermal conditions. To illustrate the indoor climate parameters in the occupied zone, for both the heating and cooling seasons, an experimental investigation was carried out in industrial premises. The indoor climate was explored at ankle, waist and neck levels for a standing person at different positions, to determine the variation of the thermal comfort indexes and draught rating (DR) with position in the facility. The observed PPD and DR values indicate acceptable levels of thermal comfort in the facility for both summer and winter cases. The conclusion can be drawn that well-distributed airflow saves energy by removing the need for an additional heating and cooling systems during cold and hot weather seasons.