Cheong K W, Riffat S B
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13th AIVC Conference "Ventilation for Energy Efficiency and Optimum Indoor Air Quality", Nice, France, 14-18 September 1992

This investigation is concerned with the determination of velocity pressure loss-factors for HVAC system components using tracer-gas techniques. Experimental work was carried out using an HVAC system and k-factors for various components such as bends, branches, contractions, expansions and orifice were determined. Results were compared with measurements made using a pitot tube and values given in the CIBSE Guide and ASHRAE Handbook. The performance of different types of filters used in HVAC systems was also examined. The constant-injection tracer gas technique was used to develop correlations between the pressure drop and face velocity of a synthetic-fibre filter, bag filter and glass-fibre filter. Results were compared with data obtained using traditional instrumentation.