Christophe Delmotte
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9th International BUILDAIR Symposium, 8-9 May 2015 Kassel, Germany

Purpose of the work

In Belgium, airtightness of buildings is taken into account in the regional Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) regulations. When measured, it can be used in the calculation in place of a default unfavourable value and therefore improve the calculated performance.

Supplementary specifications to the European standard (NBN EN 13829) describing detailed specific elements of the test, have been in force since 2008. New technical specifications were developed at federal level and published in December 2014. They include clarification of the standard where needed and provisions to widen the number of buildings that can be tested.

At the same time, a new scheme for the assessment of the qualification of the testers and the control of the measurements was developed. Since January 1 2015, only the measurements made by qualified testers and controlled can be valued in the framework of the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) regulation in the Flemish region.

Content of the presentation

The paper gives information about the new technical specifications. It includes:

  • Preparation of the building;
  • Zero-flow pressure difference;
  • Measurement points;
  • Test report;
  • Measurement system;
  • Software.

It also gives practical information about qualification of the testers and the control scheme. It includes:

  • Theoretical training;
  • Examination;
  • On-site inspection;
  • Declaration of conformity


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