Noel O, Le D‚an P, Krikorian O, Haller R
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21st AIVC Conference "Innovations in Ventilation Technology,", Hague, Netherlands, 26-29 September 2000

This article describes a ventilation system, developed within the framework of aEuropean project supported by the JOULE III programme (NAVAIR project). Theconcept used - natural ventilation assisted by air induction combines the advantages ofnatural ventilation and the performances of mechanical ventilation. It is a particularlyadvantageous solution when renovating dwellings, all the more so because it can beinstalled at the end of existing ducts, providing both ventilation and for the evacuationof the products of combustion from a connected boiler running of natural gas.After a general description, we will explain the dimensioning method used, based on theuse of two mathematical models.We will then look at an example installation in an experimental detached house,representative of French individual dwellings, equipped with a set of measuring deviceswhich we used on the one hand to validate the models used for dimensioning and on theother to evaluate the system's performances objectively.