Walinder R, Norback D, Wieslander G, Smedje G, Erwall C
Bibliographic info:
Acta Otolaryngol (Stockh), No 117, 1997, pp 724-727, 1 fig, 2 tabs, 14 refs.

Describes a pilot study conducted to test whether increased levels of indoor air pollutants in schools are linked to a swelling in the nasal mucosa. Fifteen subjects were studied at a school with low air exchange rate, and twelve at a school with high air exchange rate. States that absolute values of the minimal cross-sectional area were lower in the school with poor ventilation. Concludes that raised levels of indoor air pollutants due to inadequate ventilation may affect the upper airways and cause a nasal mucosa swelling, and that acoustic rhinometry may be a useful objective method for measuring human nasal reactions to the indoor environment.