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MEPA - Description and verification of a microcomputer building energy analysis program.

Andersson B. Lokmanhekim M. Wadek A., 1983
air infiltration | building design | energy audit | modelling
Bibliographic info: Proceedings 4th International Symposium on the use of computers for environmental engineering related to buildings. Tokyo March 30-April 2 1983 p.394-399 6 figs. 8 refs. #DATE 30:03:1983 in English
Languages: English

Discusses MEPA (Microcomputer Energy Programs for Architects) which has been developed in Sweden to supply energy analysis information during the early stages of design of residential and small commercial buildings, and is used inSweden, Kuwait and the US. It is designed especially for architects using microcomputers. Considerations evaluated include building and window orientation, insulation levels, ventilation cooling and infiltration rates.Describes the basic algorithms, and reports on its verification with respect to both absolute predictions and sensitivity to various building parameters.

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