Cheong K.W.D., Djunaedy E., Poh T.K., Tham K.W., Sekhr S.C., Wong N.H., Ullah M.B.
Bibliographic info:
Building and environment, Vol. 38, Issue 1, January 2003, pp 135-145

The dispersion of contaminants in an office environment has been investigated. The first experiment was made in a full-scale typical office equipped with two workstations located in the middle of the room and separated by a low-level partition, and the second experiment took place in a room separated in two halves with a low level partition, with one workstation at each corner. A constant injection of tracer gas allowed the measurement of the concentration of contaminant in the chamber for both the layouts.
In general, the predicted concentration of contaminant with the CFD simulation tallied with the measured concentration.